What Does It Feel Like to Have Sex with a Sex Doll?

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When you decide to buy a sex doll, the first curiosity that will appear on your mind is what does it feel like to have sex with a sex doll? To answer your question simply, it will feel like having sex with a real human being. Now, you will be thinking about how it could be even possible because a sex doll is merely a too for masturbation, right? Alright, let’s clear all your confusion through this article.

A Sex Doll is More Realistic than Just a Regular Masturbator

If you buy a regular masturbator, you will be able to masturbate easily. However, if you want super-realistic stimulation and to replicate the feeling of having sex, then you should buy sex dolls. You get what you pay for so buying a high-quality sex doll will give you the greatest satisfaction.  

The Appearance of the Sex Doll

Before you get into the bed to have sex, you want to have visual stimulation which means you want to be turned on just by looking at the girl. A girl with a perfect body is difficult to find in real life but a sex doll already has the perfect body and face (big boobs, big butt, beautiful face, and a waist to die for). In addition, you can customize your sex doll to your liking so you will fall in love with it instantly. 

Realistic Body Parts of a Sex Doll


You can either have a doll with a wig or implanted hair. Many dolls have artificial hair implanted on the head to give a more realistic look to it so when you touch your doll’s hair, it will feel more lifelike. 


Do you remember your first girlfriend and feeling her soft skin? When you touch the delicate skin of your sex doll, you will have the same feeling again. Also, your sex doll won’t age and will have no wrinkles on the face.


Yes, you will have that squishy feel that you get when you touch the boobs of a real woman. The boobs of your sex doll for sex will be so soft that it will make you in fall in love with her. 


The ergonomically designed vagina of your sex doll will grip your penis gently to give you that wet, warm, and realistic feel. It will be tight like prom night. 


You will find very few women who are interested in having anal sex. Some sex dolls will allow you to have anal sex. So, if you want to have anal sex, you need to have such a sex doll because your doll will never refuse to get plugged in the butthole. 

Positives of Having a Sex Doll for Sex

  • Have sex anytime
  • No worry of cheating
  • No emotional attachment
  • Have sex without condoms
  • Zero tantrums and complaints

Downsides of Having a Sex Doll for Sex

  • Zero communication
  • No mental or emotional support
  • Chances of social isolation

The Bottom Line

Finally, knowing how to use sex doll will give you the leverage of finding that supreme pleasure which you can have with a sex doll. Yes, having sex with a sex doll will feel like having sex with a real woman. So, why not try it? You will be having a companion who will want nothing from you and will be ready to give her everything to you. It will be like having a submissive girlfriend to satisfy your fantasies. Also, cheap sex dolls do not age and are forever young!

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