Layaway Plan


Details of Layaway Plan

-No interest, No monthly fees, No credit checks, No approval needed.
-Minimum down payment of 15% or $250 of the total value. 
-Pay whenever you want, any amount you can afford. You can pay weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. We are flexible. 
-Term is up to 4-6 months, we hope you can finish your payments within this time frame. Most of our clients finish within 3-4 months.  
-You can add or delete items in your order at anytime during the course of your payment with no fees. 
-You can cancel the layaway plan at anytime, we will refund your money minus 15% to cover admin fees. 
-In an event, if the doll is no longer available, we will refund your money with no fees. 
-Doll is assembled and shipped when full payment is collected. 
-USA and International clients are accepted. 
-If this option is not for you, we have Sezzle, you get the doll shipped immediately and pay later. Click here for details


Ready to get started?  Please email us at with the following info: 

-City, State or Country
-Doll name and size 
-Any customization?  We will email wig, eye, skin tone, vagina options etc in the email. 
-After down payment, how often can you make your payments?