The History of Sex Dolls

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The History of Sex Dolls

Many of you might think that the concept of sex dolls was created at the beginning of the 21st century but you would be surprised to know that sex dolls has been around since ancient times. Let’s take a look at the brief history of  sex dolls and what the future lies for these pleasure toys.

A Timeline of the History of Sex Dolls

Time of Occurrence

The Events


First-ever sex doll story narrated

11th to 12th Century

“Sheela-na-gigs” carved (Naked Statue of Women)

15th Century

Sailors took sex dolls to the sea that are made with sewn clothes


Nazi’s create sex dolls (modern version) for their soldiers


Porn magazines in the United States began advertising sex dolls


The premiere of “The Stepford Wives” (A film of robot wives)

Early 1980s

A British company invents “36C” sex robot


Term “Gynoid” becomes prominent for female robots


The ban of importing sex objects were lifted in Britain


“Love Ewe”, the sex sheep (Inflatable) gets sold in the market


The first-ever realistic doll created by Matt McMullen


Many Japanese organizations begin the renting of Dutch wives


A film on a sex doll, “Lars and The Real Girl”


The Invention of the sexual audio system


First-ever male sex doll


Customizable sex doll is created as well as the Sarah Palin doll

When Sex Dolls First Arrived in the United States

Sex dolls are not a new phenomonena in the United States. In 1968, a porn magazine started to advertise best sex doll for the first time and offering delivery through the mail just like other sexual devices. You can probably say that this was the time when sex dolls became prominent in the United States.

Why Were Sex Dolls Used?

The use of sex dolls is not something new as men have been using it for centuries. In earlier times, sex dolls were used as companions for sailors at sea. It also helped the Nazi soldier to satiate their sexual cravings during World War II. The use of “Sheela-na-gigs” (carvings of naked women displaying their vulva) during the 11th to 12th Century has become a legend now. But now, men and women are using sex dolls to achieve the heightened sexual pleasure that they all craved for.

Why Were Sex Dolls Created?

Sex dolls were created for many reasons. During the 11th to 12th Century, “Sheela-na-gigs” was used in the churches to deviate evil spirits. Sailors during the 15 century took sex dolls which were sewn clothes to their voyage to avoid sexual intercourse with foreign women outside their marriage. Also, Adolf Hitler prevented his soldiers from going to prostitutes by using sex dolls during World War II. At the present times, these dolls serve the purpose of giving sexual pleasure. Thus, it is quite evident that with the change of time, the use of sex dolls changed too.

Who Created Sex Dolls?

One of the greatest surprises that you might get is by knowing that the man who gave the order to create sex dolls is none other than Adolf Hitler. He came up with the idea of inflatable sex dolls just to prevent his soldiers from using prostitutes in the streets of Paris during World War II. However, in 1996, Matt McMullen is the man who came up with the first-ever realistic sex dolls.

What Were the Benefits of Sex Dolls?

As times went by, people are starting to realize the benefits of using sex dolls more and more. So, here are some of the sex doll benefits that you can enjoy if you have a sex doll in your room:

1) Have Sex Anytime: When it comes to having sex, you need to have the consent of your partner. But, you don’t need the consent of a sex doll to have sex. You can have sex anytime with a sex doll.

2) No Strings Attached: If you have sex with a woman, you could end up getting emotionally entangled with her. But, with sex dolls, you can easily have a no strings attached relationship without any fear.

3) Zero Tantrums: One problem you will face with a real woman as your partner is her tantrums. But, a sex doll will never do such tantrums. Thus, your life will not become a living hell with a sex doll and you will find heaven on earth 

4) Fulfill Sexual Desires: All men have sexual desires that they want to fulfill. However, with a real woman, fulfilling such sexual desires could be very tough. With a sex doll, you can fulfill those sexual desires very easily.

    Where Were Sex Dolls Sold?

    Initially, sex dolls were ordered and delivered through mail. After that, they became prominent in the sex toy stores. Also, various online sex doll websites have emerged now where you can purchase sex dolls at a much better price. So, there is no need to think about where to Buy Sex Doll now because you have so many online stores from where you can buy them. But, always choose the best store to buy a sex doll such as to get the best quality dolls with the best price. 

    What is the Future of Sex Dolls?

    People are embracing sex dolls more and more at present times. Also, with the emergence of life-size sex dolls that look exactly like a real human being, sex dolls are now becoming a prominent choice for men lacking sexual satisfaction.

    One of the biggest positives for sex doll owners is that they get absolute satisfaction in their sex life. Hence, the manufacturers of sex dolls are looking to create sex dolls that will emulate and respond like a real woman as it was the only thing lacking in the doll.

    But with sex dolls behaving like a real woman and also giving the feel of a real woman, the industry’s future is looking as bright as ever.

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