Japanese men love sex dolls

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 He has a total of three dolls in his bedroom in Tokyo while his wife sleeps in another room

Japanese men love sex dolls like real women and share their lives with these realistic sex dolls with when they go out in public with them. The "Rabu doru" (love dolls), which are more than just sexual objects, are considered real companions and are very popular among widowers and “herbivore men”. These “herbivore” men are known to be non aggressive toward women and do not pursue romantic relationships. 

Most men always tell themselves "I want sex doll" and are curious about where to buy a sex doll. Well, you can purchase one here at Love Doll Palace because we have a huge selection. 

lifelike sex dolls are all the rage in Japan because they can be dressed like  real women and considered as such by many men based on their realistic features. They can take baths, get dressed, and get fucked anytime. Many sex dolls are sold around the world and in countries like Japan. In addition, sex dolls are obedient and submissive and will never deny you of favors. 

Some Japanese, after a separation or divorce, revive their lives with a sex doll, which becomes the new love. It helps them battle loneliness and depression after a nasty break up and some men own more than 10 dolls and you can dress them in any way you like. 

The Japanese craze for sex dolls dates from the early 80's and there are silicone versions that look so lifelike that it feels like they are touching human skin. More  men are buying them because they feel they can communicate with them.  

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