Is Sex With A Sex Doll Considered Cheating While In A Relationship?

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Many couples believe having sex with a sex doll is considered cheating. They hold this belief because sexual penetration inside a vagina with an erect penis whether on a human or a doll is still considered sex. This belief can be highly subjective because not every couple share the same views. On one hand, some couples believe sex with a sex doll enhances their sex life and on the other hand, some couples believe it is a form of cheating. Realistic sex dolls in recent years are becoming popular because of their life like features have evolved as tools to substitute for real human sex. 

married couple with sex doll
Furthermore, sex dolls have no emotional connection with humans so a man who is in a relationship and is sexually satisfying themselves with an inanimate object should not constitute as cheating. Here are some reasons why a man/woman seek intimacy with a sex doll.

Lack of sexual attraction. There are couples who are no longer physically attracted to each other but are afraid to break up. As a result, they have to use sex with a doll to satisfy their sexual desires. These couples can come to an agreement about their sex doll usage so that it won’t be considered “cheating”
Sexual boredom. Women and men in long term relationships can get bored with their sex life. The fading desire and sexual satisfaction with each other is a big warning sign for a tumultuous relationship. A sex doll can improve your sex lives and add a new angle to it. In addition, a married man can fuck a sex doll without any guilt because it is not a real person. However, he should have an open discussion with his partner about buying a sex doll lest the partner considers it cheating.

Sex dolls can provide sex without the emotional attachment. Even though the newer sex dolls have realistic human features, they are still not human and cannot talk. They don’t have a heartbeat and should not be considered as “real”. You can have sex with them at any time and they will never say “no” to you. This is not the same with a real human because they are often emotional and can deny your sexual advances on any given day.

You have a prudish partner who is not adventurous in bed. This can be problematic in many ways as dull and boring sex can lead to wandering eyes. Your partner might be taught by religion or parents that sex is impure and only for procreation. If you can’t get your sexual desires from your partner, then you should consider Buy Sex Doll.

Blonde sex doll for couples

Ultimately, you and your partner should determine the rules of cheating. By doing so, this can ensure a long lasting relationship. 

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