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Here are 5 interesting facts about sex dolls for your reading pleasure:


  • 1) In the 1990’s, Howard Stern fucked a sex doll live on his TV show. If a rich and famous person like Howard Stern can fuck a sex doll, why can’t you? Sex dolls are more common and acceptable nowadays with the advent of the internet. Most realistic sex dolls are purchased online and shipped discreetly to your doorstep.

  • 2) Dutch sailors during the 16th century used sex dolls for companionship during their long voyage in sea to prevent loneliness because women were not allowed on ships. Dutch traders sold some of these sex dolls to the Japanese during the 16th century, which the Japanese dubbed “Dutch Wives”. During the period of 16th-18th century, the Dutch were one of the most advanced European nations and the Japan was eager to learn from them and adopted the use of love dolls. Japan has since made major improvements to them.   

  • 3) It was rumored that Adolf Hitler gave Nazi soldiers inflatable sex dolls in World War 2 during their invasion of Europe.  The Nazi occupation of France led to a lot of Nazi soldiers having sex with French prostitutes. As a result, Hitler ordered the sex dolls to be made in order to prevent his soldiers from contracting syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases.

  • 4) The first sex doll brothel was opened in Spain and other countries are following suit in opening a sex doll brothels.  The brothels offer realistic sex dolls that are so lifelike that it is difficult to distinguish between the dolls and real girls. In addition, robotic sex dolls and Artificial intelligence are reinventing the way people are having sex.

    5) The famous Barbie doll is rumored to be inspired by a sex doll. The original doll was designed after a real life gold digging german prostitute and was marketed as an adult toy.

    Barbie sex doll
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