Telling your Parents about your sex doll

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There is no easy way of telling your parents about your sex doll so this blog will discuss some of the best tips to open the discussion of owning or buying a sex doll with them. 

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Keep Calm
The best tip while having a conversation with your parents about your sex doll is to keep calm and don’t lose the anger and explain sex doll benefit. There is no doubt your parents will be taken aback with the conversation but keeping it calm will make them comfortable and more receptive to what exactly you want to say. Before starting the conversation take a deep breath and remember you are an adult and there is nothing wrong with expressing your sexual appetite for a sex doll.

Be Honest
There is no denying the fact that if you are looking for an honest conversation with your parents - don’t hide anything and be completely transparent. Listen to what your parents have to say about your realistic sex dolls. Remember, it is a two-way conversation and there is nothing wrong if they disapprove of you having sex with a sex doll. Explain to them that this just a sex toy for fun, and that you won’t have it forever. It is best if you could explain the health and mental benefits of having these dolls around in a stressful life. Regardless of the outcome of the conversation, remember you are a grown-up and no one has the right to tell you what to do and what not to do.

Prepare for an awkward conservation
Talking about sex with parents is taboo and awkward. Adding a sex doll into the equation will make it even more awkward and uncomfortable. You need to prepare for this uncomfortable conversation and know how to navigate it as if it were a normal daily topic. But remember it is best to have the conversation sooner than later lest your parents find your sex doll hiding in your closet. Start this conversation now, and explain to your parents everything about your sex doll without feeling awkward. Being bold and straightforward is the best solution while having such an awkward conversation. Explain that there are many sex doll owners and it is quite common to own one.

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Make a difference in everybody’s opinion
Everyone has their own opinions and there is nothing wrong if their perspective doesn’t match yours. This is one of the important rules of communication. You must express your views openly but also to listen to what your parents have to say. If they have some concerns about you owning a sex doll, make sure you set some ground rules and assure them you will be discreet while having sex with your lovely sex doll.

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