Sex Dolls will help you get through the Coronavirus crisis

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The staff at Love Doll Palace want to wish everyone to be safe during this unprecedented time. Our sex doll factories are back in operations and our customer service staff are working from home.


Many of you are being quarantined or practicing social distancing by staying home.  During your isolation, boredom and loneliness can kick in. This is a good time to purchase a sex doll.  We are offering a 15% discount on all sales!  Please use discount code "15percentoff" at checkout.  Please click here to see our selection of beautiful dolls from busty, anime and exotic etc. 


Our beautiful sex dolls will not only fulfill your sexual desires but she will be your companion throughout this time of uncertainty. Here are some additional benefits to having a sex doll during the coronavirus crisis:


1. Sex dolls do not have coronavirus. They don't have any diseases.  😀 
2. Your sex doll will always say yes!
3. Sex dolls will add new element of spice for couples.
4. Sex dolls will help boost your sexual stamina.


In the meantime,  please help stop the spread of coronavirus by  


1. Washing your hands.
2. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.
3. Don't touch your face.
4. Stay home if you feel sick, call your doctor if its gets severe.  
5. Wash your sex doll after intercourse. Use a towel with antibacterial soap and water and wipe all areas with bodily fluids. 


Please take care of yourself and your family during this time!  




Love Doll Palace Staff 

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