Sex Doll for Soldiers: Did Adolf Hitler Give Sex Dolls to His Soldiers?

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The origin of best sex doll is a highly controversial and debatable topic. But, no one can deny that there is a connection between the origin of sex dolls and Adolf Hitler. Yes, the benefits of using sex dolls are immense. But, did Hitler foresee those benefits for his Nazi soldiers and ordered sex dolls to be made for them? Let’s figure it out through this article.

Adolf Hitler with Nazis standing next to a blonde sex doll

Hitler and Sex Dolls: The Borghild Project

Back in the 1940s, Nazi soldiers catching syphilis became a major problem for Hitler. In Paris, German soldiers were going to prostitutes to have sex and catching syphilis. It was damaging the power of the Nazis which is why Hitler commissioned the Borghild Project.

Through this project, sex dolls were created for the Nazi soldiers and they were to use whenever they wished to have sex and made sure that they stay healthy to fight the war for Hitler. Due to the bombing of the allied forces, we cannot find any trace of those sex dolls any more

What are the Sex Doll Benefits for Soldiers?

Back in World War II, the Nazis realized that sex dolls offer important benefits that can help their soldiers perform better. Those benefits are still relevant in this day and age. Below are some of the benefits of using a sex doll for soldiers.

Improving Post Traumatic Disorder

Soldiers have to stay away from their families in a stressful atmosphere for a long time. If a war breaks out between countries, they find themselves in a very traumatic situation. After returning from the war, the hellacious experiences of war will not leave them unless they get something that will help them to get rid of the stress. This is where sex dolls can be very useful.

Ancient sex doll picture

Better Quality of Life for Soldiers

Living the life of a soldier is probably the hardest thing that a man has to do. Staying away from your partner for so long will tempt anyone to have sex with a prostitute which will increase the chances of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Disease just like it did back then during World War II. That is why using a sex doll will make sure that the soldiers are satisfied sexually and get a better quality of life.

Improves Focus On their Duty

Soldiers don’t often get the opportunity to have sex but they are humans and have their carnal desires. So, sometimes it becomes harder for them to stay focused on their duty. A soldier can buy a sex doll and it will help him to stay focused on the duty even more.

Ancient sex doll lying on bed

The Bottom Line

Sex dolls can improve the quality of life for anyone – including soldiers. It is time that we accept that sex is an essential part of our life and to make our sex life better, we need to Buy Sex Doll, even if you are a soldier. Sex dolls are for anyone who wants to have a better sex life.

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