New Sex Dolls Trend for 2018

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New Sex Dolls Trend for 2018  
The past 2 years the sex doll industry has made leaps of improvement on being lifelike and prices of these dolls are available for all budget types.  Sex dolls are slowly becoming less of a taboo subject due to recent media exposure.   Here are some upcoming trends for realistic sex dolls:
Touch Sensors in Dolls
An early feature of sex robots will be their ability to sense they are being touched.  This feature will appear in sex dolls as well.  Sex dolls will be outfitted with a nervous system under the skin, and will sense human touch.
Touch sensors will detect when you finger her vagina, lick her nipples. The doll will respond with a noise, moan, or her vagina may warm up and lubricate.  This will add a more pleasurable experience for you.  Sex dolls will have sensors in their vagina and anus; the doll will scream, moan and make noise while you are having sex and penetrating it.  The noise level of the doll will be based on the force and speed of the penetration, making having sex with the doll an even more realistic experience.
Ultra Realistic Bodies Improvements
While today sex dolls are very realistic and have come a long way since those cheap looking plastic blow up dolls.  The manufacturers are always seeking ways to improve on the skin technology.  They might phase out the use of silicone and TPE.  The dolls will be made with proprietary synthetic materials that will be exactly like human skin.   The new materials will allow for better integration of sensors and application for make up on the face.
Artificial Intelligence in Sex Dolls
Are we getting ahead of ourselves here?  Not at all!   An intelligent sex doll is our goal.  We have a very popular smart home consumer product called the Alexa; it listens to your command and responds an answer back to you.  Sex dolls will be able to have conversations with their owners.  The owners can able to fine tune their sex doll personality to their preference along with changing accents and the tone of the voice, thus creating the perfect companion.
Celebrity Sex Dolls
The demand to replicate a sex doll of your favorite celebrity is there.  However, some mainstream celebrities may not be willing to license their appearance to be recreated as a sex doll because it will impact their career and reputation negatively.  We believe porn stars and pinup models will be the first to do this.  Some of the well known porn stars already have their body parts replicated.  Recently, there was a 42 year old product and graphic designer that spent $50,000 to create a human robot that look like a well known Hollywood actress.   Here is a photo of her. Very Impressive!   I am sure we know who she is!


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