How to Dress Your Sex Doll

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There are different ways to dress up your sex doll that can make it even more attractive. A sex doll will come in a box completely naked and ready for sex as soon as you unbox her. Initially, you will have a great time with your realistic sex doll without clothes. But after some time, you will have the urge to dress your sex doll and change up her style. 

two sex dolls dressed in different outfits

A sex doll is a big investment and can last for many years if you properly take care of her. Thus, knowing what you can do to dress up your doll differently is important because you can have your sex doll in a different appearance regularly. Here are some tips on how you can dress up for a realistic sex doll.

Imagination is the Key: You need to first imagine how you want to see your sex doll. The type of clothes in which you want to see your doll will matter immensely – lingerie, maid outfits, leggings, short skirts, thongs, etc.  

3 sex dolls in different outfits

Know the Right Size: When you buy an outfit or dress for your sex doll, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right size. A tight dress or outfit could end up damaging the skin of your doll.    

Avoid Clothes That Can Stain: You will find many types of sexy clothing for your doll. But, if those clothes leave stains, then you can’t use them. Be careful while choosing the material of clothes.

Jewelry: If you want to make your sex doll look more attractive, then you have to find the right jewelry for her. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets all help enhance the attractiveness of your sex doll. 

Find the Right Makeup Products: When you are dressing up a sex dolls, you should also consider buying the right makeup products that will elevate the look of the doll magnificently. You have to make sure that those products will not leave a mark on the doll once you wash them away.

blonde sex doll in bikini

The Bottom Line

Dressing up your sex doll in different styles will keep you attracted to her. And if you run out of ideas on how to dress her, you can simply keep her naked. 


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