How to Choose a Sex Doll

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You might think that choosing a silicone sex dolls is very easy but many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong sex doll and end up complaining that they did not get their money’s worth. You need make sure that you a buy sex doll according to your needs because men and women will have different requirements from a sex doll and they need to choose wisely to make sure they satisfy their sexual desires.

four standing sex dolls standing
There are some common things that you can look at before buying a sex doll and you can even make a checklist of these things before you buy the doll to ensure all requirements are met. That way you will end up having a sex doll in your bedroom that will surely please you. Here are a list of things to consider when buying a sex doll:

1. Weight and Material

The weight of the doll is important because if you want to buy a sex doll that is built exactly like a human being then you should know that it will be heavy and need to store it accordingly. You cannot forget about the maintenance of owning a sex doll and should buy a storage case. However, you can always opt for a smaller doll which is lighter in weight and usually cheaper in price. In addition, you need to choose the right material for your doll as they are made in silicone or TPE. Both silicone and TPE are high quality materials with minor differences.

2. Budget

You need to set a budget and determine a price range for your sex doll. There’s plenty of good sex dolls at all price ranges but if you want an expensive doll and can’t afford it, there are financing options such as Sezzle and our paypal layway plans. Love Doll Palace will work with you to help you get the perfect sex doll.

3. Figure

The figure of the doll is very important and you should choose the one that you find the most attractive. The perfect body of a sex doll can help you fulfill your carnal desires so the figure will play a huge role in your decision. You need to know which type of figure excites you the most and you need to choose according to your preference. There are many sex doll body types: slim, petite, busty, curvy, torso, anime, fitness, etc.

4. Ethnicity

You could be attracted to a particular type of doll belonging to a certain ethnic group. Sex dolls are categorized into different ethnic groups: asian, latina, white, black, indian, or any other ethnic group. As a result of these varieties, you have the option to choose a sex doll based on the ethnic group that gives you sexual arousal.

Asian, Black, Blonde, and latina sex dolls sitting next to each other on couch

The Bottom Line

Before you Buy Sex Doll, you need to determine the price range, personal preference and have an idea on how to maintain it. These are some of the basic things that will help you to choose the right doll and achieve the best investment.

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