Are Sex Dolls Better Than Prostitutes?

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Sex doll vs Prostitute
Many men and women are frustrated with their sex lives and look for alternatives such as prostitutes or sex toys to fill that void. Men typically have a higher sex drive because they have been genetically programmed since prehistoric times to ensure the human species continue, which means they need to have lots of sex with multiple partners.  In modern times, men seek sex mainly for pleasure and variety and not necessarily for the purpose of procreation. Without modern society’s rules and morals, men would be promiscuous and have multiple partners to satisfy their biological urges. A great alternative to satisfy these urges would be to buy a realistic sex doll, which can last a long time and is much cheaper in the long run. However, most men turn to prostitution which can be dangerous. Here are some disadvantages of using a prostitute or escort:

Disadvantages of prostitutes and escorts:
1) An prostitute/escort will have rules and can hustle you.
2) She may carry a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Even wearing a condom is not 100% effective to prevent STDS.
3) It’s illegal in most states and if you get arrested and convicted, the criminal conviction will stay on your record and have negative consequences. If your loved ones find out about your arrest or conviction, you may need to explain it to them.
4) She may be an undercover cop and conducting a sting. There’s many incidents where "johns" have been busted. This is a huge risk.
5) If she is a legitimate working prostitute there’s a chance she and her pimp may rob you. After all, they only care about money and survival.
6) She may provide bad service because most escorts/prostitutes are victims of sex trafficking and are forced into sex work.
7) Most prostitutes are victims of sex trafficking, which is a form of modern day slavery. Prostitutes/sex workers are forced to provide sexual services against their will.  Do you really want to contribute to human sex trafficking? Can you live with that on your conscience?
8) Paying for prostitutes and escorts will cost you a lot of money in the long run. You can use the money you save to pursue other passions or hobbies.

Advantages of sex dolls:
1) Your sex doll has eternal youth and will never age and so she will always look the same. This is one of the best benefits of owning a realistic sex doll as oppose to a real life girlfriend.
2) A sex doll is always available for sex. You can blow your load on her anytime - and anywhere - with no complaints from her. You don’t need permission to have sex with a love doll so you can pound her at the drop of a hat. One of the best advantages is that you only pay one time fee for a love doll instead of paying every time to have sex with an escort.
3) No performance anxiety. A realistic sex doll allows you to lose your inhibitions and will never judge you so you can relax and be yourself. For men who are less endowed, your “size” won’t matter. Your cock size will never be a deal breaker to a sex doll and she will be happy with whatever size you have!  
4) No strings attached. You can own and have sex with a sex doll without it interfering with your relationship assuming your partner is okay with it. There is no commitment or emotional attachment.
5) Cost efficient. You only pay a one time fee to buy a realistic sex doll which you can have infinite amounts of sex with and it saves you so much money in the long run. A lifelike sex doll is a good choice because it is a better alternative than paying a hooker every time for sex.
Overall, sex improves your health by increasing your testosterone levels and releasing endorphins. However, often times marriage is the price men pay for sex. Society and businesses recognize the sexual needs of humans and created the sex doll industry. Men should think outside the box and buy a female sex doll. They won’t regret it!

Source: Daily Sun

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