6 Amazing sex positions to try with a female sex doll

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Some people use sex dolls for masturbation purposes but you can have sex with your female sex doll with many different positions. Sex with a sex doll will give you the ultimate pleasure of using the doll. Here are 6 sex positions that you should definitely try with your doll.  

Bent Over

The bent over position is a very popular sex position that most people try with their partners. You can definitely try it out with a sex doll to spice things up.

How to Perform Bent Over

1. Take the sex doll near the table or bed and bend her from the back while she is still standing.
2. The face of the doll will be on the surface of the bed or table with the bend on her waist.
3. Enter her from the backside and keep penetrating as long as you want.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Bent Over


    -  Great for both outside and inside sex with the doll

    -  Can use different objects to bend and have more fun

    -  Awesome pleasure during vaginal penetration


    -  Lacks the comfort factor one can get in the mattress

    -  Doll could face damages unless done safely

    -  Could be a bit painful due to standing posture for a long time


    Against the Wall

    Some men love to see their partner standing against the wall as they enter her from behind. This sex position can also give you terrific pleasure when you use it with your sex doll.

    How to Perform Against the Wall

    1. Make the doll stand at a corner of the room with her back facing you.
    2. Go towards her and hold her against the wall to give her support.
    3. Spread arms against the wall as you enter her from behind.
    4. Lift one of the legs of the doll up to go deep inside her.

      Advantages and Disadvantages of Against the Wall


      -  Perfect for kinky sex in areas such as bathroom or balcony

      -  Easy to penetrate deep inside the sex doll

      -  Find amazing pleasure while using this position


      -  Difficult to perform if the doll’s is taller and bigger

      -  Could cause damages to the unless you perform it safely

      -  Not the ideal position for the beginners



      For people who want to get intimate with their sex dolls, spooning can be an ideal position. When you try it while watching porn, the feeling will be sensational.


      How to Perform Spooning

      1. Make your doll lie on the bed sideways with her arms bent.
      2. Bend her legs at a 45-degree angle to support the doll’s body.
      3. Just lift the upper leg of the doll and penetrate deep inside any of the holes.


        Advantages and Disadvantages of Spooning


        -  Perfect position if your sex doll is heavy

        -  Feel the body heat due to the closeness with the doll

        -  Get intimate with your sex doll with this position


        -  Cannot see your doll’s face while your penetrate her

        -  Cannot kiss your doll from this position

        -  Not ideal for kinky sex lovers



        Doggy Style

        You will hardly find a man who has never tried doggy style in his life. Men love this position because it puts them in total control. You will enjoy doggy style just as much with your sex doll.   


        How to Perform Doggy Style

        1. Get the doll on her knees and bend her back so that her face is down.
        2. Position the hands (slightly raised) so that they support her body.
        3. The legs of the doll should be spread to give support to her body.
        4. Enter her from the back and go as deep as you can.


          Advantages and Disadvantages of Doggy Style



          -  Ideal for penetrating deep inside the sex doll

          -  Great to penetrate and thrust the doll at a fast pace

          -  A fantastic position to have rough sex on the doll


          -  Possibility of damages to the knee of the doll unless you are careful

          -  Cannot get intimate with the doll in this position

          -  Cannot see the face of the doll while penetrating




          For those who want to have sex while they are lying down on the bed casually, the cowgirl is the best sex position for that. Also, you can go deep inside the doll in this position.


          How to Perform Cowgirl

          1. Lie down on the bed on your back.
          2. Have your doll on top of your body in a squatting position.
          3. Now, enter her as you are lying on the bed and keep penetrating.
          4. You can either take the support of your hands while you make the doll squat on your penis or penetrate her from the bottom.


            Advantages and Disadvantages of Cowgirl


            -  Feels great if the doll is heavy

            -  Feel the pleasure of sex while you are lying down

            -  Great to make love with your doll passionately


            -  Not an ideal position for beginners

            -  Need to be physically fit to perform this position

            -  Challenging position for your body




            Missionary is one of the most widely used sex position. This can be an amazing position with your doll if you perform it correctly.


            How to Perform Missionary

            1. Lie down the doll in the bed.
            2. Spread her legs at a 45-degree angle or place her legs over your shoulders.
            3. Now, enter her holes and enjoy pounding her.


              Advantages and Disadvantages of Missionary


              -  Great position for the beginners to try

              -  Get more intimate with the sex doll

              -  Can lead to orgasms easily


              -  Not ideal to have kinky sex

              -  Can get boring after sometime

              -  Can be difficult to perform if your doll is taller than you


              The Bottom Line

              These are some sex positions that you can try and use with your Premium sex doll. Once you start having sex with your doll will feel more intimate and connected to your doll. In addition, you will start enjoying the companionship of the female sex doll and stop looking at it only as a tool for masturbation.

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