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Regina: Nipple Fucking Doll

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Regina is the perfect doll for all nipple lovers. You can stick your penis into her nipples, which is about 3-4 inches in depth. It will give you ecstatic pleasure that will make you blow your load. In addition to her big tits and large nipples, she also has a booty to die for. 

**If you want smaller nipples, you can select your size under options on the right**


Height:   160cm/5 feet 3 inches

Material:  TPE

Bust Size: 98cm/36 Inches M Cup

Waist: 58cm/22 inches

Hips: 103cm/41 inches

Weight: 40kg/87 lbs


This doll comes with 5 holes (vagina, mouth, nipples, anal) 

Vagina Depth:  17cm/7 inches

Mouth Size: 13cm/5 inches

Anal Depth: 16cm/6 inches






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