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Spartacus: Sexy Roman Gladiator

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Spartacus is a sexy Roman Gladiator.   They are fearless, masculine, strong and protectors.  Besides being a prize fighter, many of these gladiators had gay sex with their slave masters and their female admirers during the Roman Empire.  Here is your chance to fulfill your wet dreams of making love to a gladiator. 


Height:  162cm/5 feet 4 inches

Material:  TPE 

Chest Size: 90cm/ 36 inches

Waist: 72cm/ 28 inches

Hips: 95cm/37 inches

Weight: 38kg/84 lbs 

Mouth Size: 13cm/5.1 inches

Anal Depth: 16cm/6.3 inches

Detachable Penis Size:  6 inches or 9 inches 


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