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Ming Mei (Hybrid Sex Doll: Silicone Head & TPE Body)

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  Features of a Hybrid Sex Doll ( Silicone Head + TPE Head)

-Silicone heads have implanted hair and are more realistic than TPE heads

-Silicone heads are more durable and easier to clean

-Body is made from TPE, which mimics real human skin and is softer than silicone

-Silicone heads are not suitable for oral sex   



Height:  165cm/5 feet 5 inches

Material: Silicone Head & TPE Body

Bust Size: 76cm/31 inches   B Cup 

Waist: 56cm/22 inches

Hips: 88cm/34 inches 

Weight:  36kg/79 lbs 


Silicone dolls come with 2 holes (vagina and anal) 

Vagina Depth:  17cm/7  inches

Mouth Size: N/A  No Oral Sex for Silicone Head 

Anal Depth: 15cm/5.9 inches





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