Karla: Big Booty Italian

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Karla is a big booty sultry Italian sex doll from the Jersey shore. She loves to work out, party, and go tanning. However, she is getting tired of the party scene and wants to take care of her man.  Her nice well toned body and big booty well keep you very warm in the cold weather.


Height:   160cm/5 feet 2 inches

Material:  TPE

Bust Size: 78cm/30 Inches B Cup

Waist: 52cm/21 inches

Hips: 102cm/40 inches

Weight: 42kg/93lbs


All dolls come with 3 holes (vagina, mouth, anal) 

Vagina Depth:  17cm/7 inches

Mouth Size: 13cm/5 inches

Anal Depth: 16cm/6 inches


Package will include a wig, clear polished toe and fingernails, random simple outfit and washing kit.





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