Jay: Pretty Boy

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Jay is a male sex doll with a very strong jawline and finely chiseled features. Jay can fuck all night long with his nice long dick and 6 pack abs. He is always ready for sex and won't stop until you get enough. Jay loves everyone and is a male sex doll suitable for all: men, women, lesbians, transgenders, bi sexuals. Don't miss out on this pretty boy and his ability to satisfy your sexual desires.  


Height:  160cm/5 feet 3 inches

Material:  TPE 

Chest Size:  78cm/31 inches 

Waist: 66cm/26 inches

Hips: 80cm/32 inches

Weight: 38kg/84lbs

Mouth Size: 13cm/5 inches

Anal Depth: 16cm/6 inches

Detachable Penis Size:  6 inches or 7.5 inches



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