Dora: Sexy Nerd

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Dora is our nerdy sex doll!  She an intellectual who likes science, math and comic books.  When she is not pursuing her passions, she love to stimulate your mind sexually and blow you away. What are you waiting for?  Dora can teach you some new sexual tricks! 


Height:  162cm/5 feet 4 inches

Material: TPE

Bust Size: 74cm/29 inches  B Cup

Waist: 51cm/20 inches

Hips: 90cm/35inches 

Weight: 35kg/77lbs 


All dolls come with 3 holes (vagina, mouth, anal) 

Vagina Depth:  17cm/7inches

Mouth Size: 15cm/5.9 inches

Anal Depth: 15cm/5.9 inches


Package will include a wig, clear polished toe and fingernails, random simple outfit and washing kit.




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