Black Friday Sale 2022


Biggest Sale of the year! We have the Best Prices! 


$100 off for all orders over $1,000  Use discount code at checkout:



WM Dolls- Buy 1 Doll over 140cm: FREE 2nd Head,  Gel breasts
Irontech Doll- Buy 1 doll over 140cm: FREE 2nd Head, Gel Breasts, Upgraded Skeleton, Extra Eyes, Wig, Enhanced Mouth



Starpery Dolls-Buy 1 Doll over 140cm: FREE Gel Breasts, Standing Feet, Shrugging Shoulders and Implanted Synthetic Hair. 
HR Dolls- Buy 1 Doll over 140cm: FREE 2nd wig, 2nd eyes, gel breasts and evo skeleton


SY Dolls- Buy 1 Doll over 140cm: FREE 2nd Head, Gel Breasts, Standing Feet, Shrugging Shoulders.  FREE 2nd Head for Ready to Ship Dolls. 


JY Dolls- FREE 2nd wig, 2nd Eyes, Standing Feet, $99 for 2nd head  


 *After your purchase, our customer service rep will reach out to finalize the details of your order and the selection of the 2nd Free Head. Please respond promptly when you receive our email.


*Sales End November 30 2022


*Extra head not available for small dolls (125cm and smaller) 


*Layaway plan orders eligible for sales promotion once final payment is made during the promotion. 


*Sales promotion does not apply to most " Ready to be Ship" Dolls