Ally: Sexy Librarian

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Ally is our hot librarian sex doll. After spending hours of studying, don't you wish you could take a hot sex doll to one of the corners of the library and have her blow you and then take her to a private study room and bang her doggy style?  Ally is the one for you, she will make your fantasies come true. 


Height:  145cm/4 feet 7 inches

Material:  TPE 

Bust Size:  66cm/26 inches B Cup 

Waist: 52cm/20 inches

Hips: 82cm/32 inches

Weight: 29kg/64lbs (145cm)


All dolls come with 3 holes (vagina, mouth, anal) 

Vagina Depth:  17cm/7 inches

Mouth Size: 13cm/5 inches

Anal Depth: 16cm/6 inches



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