Florence: Sexy Anime Nurse

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Florence is our sexy anime nurse.  If you ever get sick, she will take good care of you and while you're recovering in bed you can cuddle and fondle with her.  If you have erectile dysfunction,  no more expensive Viagra needed, Florence will make you feel 18 again. 


Height:  158cm/5 feet 2 inches

Material:  TPE 

Bust Size:  87cm/34 inches D Cup 

Waist: 50cm/19 inches

Hips: 82cm/34 inches

Weight: 32kg/70lbs 


All dolls come with 3 holes (vagina, mouth, anal) 

Vagina Depth:  16cm/6.5 inches

Mouth Size: 12cm/5 inches

Anal Depth: 14cm/5 inches


Package will include a wig, clear polished toe and fingernails, random simple outfit and washing kit. 


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